About Me

Hello Darlings, I'm Lea.

It's Such A Wonderful Life is first and foremost a lifestyle blog, but is also quite predominantly a beauty blog. Having said that, I am passionate about many different areas in life, so from time to time you will see different types of posts than the two above. There should be something here for everyone!

I'm passionate about healthy living, reading, interior design and absolutely anything feminine. I love candles and fresh flowers, pretty bed linen and decadent scents

I have a penchant for owls and rabbits, I always have my nails painted, and my favourite food is Chinese. I've always wanted to run a marathon (or a half marathon at least), I quite often have very cold feet, and I am incredibly passionate about cars. I love mine to death, but I am also very interested in Classics. 

Thankyou so much for taking the time to look around my blog, I appreciate every single person who takes the time to read my posts.

L x