Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winter and a good book?

There's probably a million things that I should be thinking about before reading yet another book, but there's something so appealing about sitting in while it's raining outside and losing myself in someone else's story.
That being said, there's also something oh so appealing about sitting out in the sun with a good book. Looks like I'm cursed with a degree hiatus of the book kind.

I just finished a book by Denis Avey and Rob Bromley titled 'The man who broke into Auschwitz', which is a true story. Something about this book reminded me about my Grandad telling me stories when I was younger (and still today). It has the same tone, and to be fair, the beginning half, most of the same themes. It's not an easy read, but an important one nonetheless, or so I feel. Sometimes, stories that books can tell are ones that are the most important, after all, nothing gives hope quite like a good book when it makes you realise there's always someone else that has it worse.

What do you think?


Friday, 13 January 2012

Mavala Mani?

Lately I've been somewhat disenchanted with my nail polish. Sure I have some of my tried and tested old faithfuls, but I felt like I was buying lots of drugstore nail polish that wasn't floating my boat!

Enter, MAVALA, the Swedish brand specialising in mini bottles of nailpolish. Each bottle holds 5ml which means there's a perfect excuse for us to buy more than just one! I never seem to get to the end of a bottle of nail polish before I either get bored, or it goes off, so this is the perfect compromise. Long lasting, good quality nail polish, but what's even better is that they are under £5 from Boots, or available for just £2.99 from BeautyBay.com with free postage! Bargain!

Left to right: Glitter Silver, Rose, Agate, Sparkling Violet, Waikiki Orange

When they arrived this morning I popped a coat of Sparkling Violet over the top of my existing nail varnish (Topshop Mercury Miasma) straight away. I love the violet glitter!

What do you think girls?

Lea x