Friday, 13 January 2012

Mavala Mani?

Lately I've been somewhat disenchanted with my nail polish. Sure I have some of my tried and tested old faithfuls, but I felt like I was buying lots of drugstore nail polish that wasn't floating my boat!

Enter, MAVALA, the Swedish brand specialising in mini bottles of nailpolish. Each bottle holds 5ml which means there's a perfect excuse for us to buy more than just one! I never seem to get to the end of a bottle of nail polish before I either get bored, or it goes off, so this is the perfect compromise. Long lasting, good quality nail polish, but what's even better is that they are under £5 from Boots, or available for just £2.99 from with free postage! Bargain!

Left to right: Glitter Silver, Rose, Agate, Sparkling Violet, Waikiki Orange

When they arrived this morning I popped a coat of Sparkling Violet over the top of my existing nail varnish (Topshop Mercury Miasma) straight away. I love the violet glitter!

What do you think girls?

Lea x

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