Thursday, 6 June 2013

What on EARTH is wrong with Weheartit?!

Hi lovelies,

Now I'm just as much of a fan of as the next person. It's got great inspiration and it's one of my go-to's for bright, colourful, happy images. But every now and then I stumble across a photo and just think what?!

Just take a look at these for instance:

What on EARTH is going on with these? And believe me, this is a small selection of ones I could have used. Some far worse than the ones above! I have to say, Weheartit really does need to start moderating their images much better. Particularly those relating to pro-ana. And on that note, has anyone ever actually seen a female on Weheartit who is anything less than tiny? It drives me nuts! What kind of message is this sending out to the younger and more impressionable girls out there?

Have any of you found this? Let me know. And also, if you do come across a pro-ana picture on Weheartit, please please report it. We don't need that out there do we?

Have a wonderful day lovelies!


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  1. Those pictures are awful, well done for hightlighting the problem :)

    Love the new background/ design xxx

  2. Well done on this one Lea, couldn't agree more I'm a curvy size 16 hourglass figure and I love it, our media is so badly regulated that poor youngsters self image and confidence is appalling xx

  3. I confess i've never really looked at (I barely get any work done what with pinterest so I prob shouldn't sign up to any more) but this is v.bad. You're right to highlight this as an issue - it's supposed to be an inspiration site right? Well, this sorta thing is not inspiring! X

  4. I definitely agree with what you said and those pictures are awful but I think the main issue with weheartit is that it's difficult to moderate as it has so many users and they can upload anything that they want instantly. With probably millions of pictures being uploaded every minute it's almost impossible to moderate and check every single one. It's the same issue with tumblr, anybody can have one and there's no way of knowing what they will post when they sign up, They can create new accounts as fast as they can be deleted and people who really want to post or look at something will try their hardest to find it. It really is sad that it even happens though, there really should be a way to stop people from posting disturbing things x

  5. Wow, these pictures definitely struck a nerve in me. This is horrible! The society we live in needs some healing.

  6. You're right. Pictures like that shouldn't be posted on any webpage (in my humble opinion). I think younger girls thinks it's "normal" to strive to be something which may not be healthy for them. In general I think a lot of websites should show a more nuanced picture of what it means to be healthy, instead of it either being "Yay, lets starve ourselves so we can be skinny" or "Women with curves are real women" - either way I think it's offending.

  7. I find this as well, some of the images encourage a very unhealthy lifestyle which younger people of todays society don't need, the media churns out enough images of this kind of thing already without weheartit getting in on the act as well.
    Frankie xx

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