Monday, 3 June 2013

Favourite Spring Outfit?

Hello Darlings!

Today I'd like to share my favourite Spring outfit with you. It's great for plenty of different occasions, with sandals and the jeans turned up in the daytime (weather permitting) or with heels and a jacket on a night time, when a dress is OTT.

These are very quick iPhone snaps, so forgive me for the quality, I just wanted to share!

The jeans are from H&M - Similar here
The Top it from Zara - not available online, but similar here
The necklace is from Primark (last year)

I love the simplicity of the outfit, yet it has lovely details like the back of the vest, or the light rips in the jeans <3

Do you have a go to Spring outfit? I'm loving seeing all of the bright colours appearing in the shops, Zara is really on form at the moment!

Have a wonderful day everyone,


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  1. looking stylish and yellow looks great on you :D

  2. Hey gurl!
    I love this outfit, the shirt has such a cool back!

    You have a great blog, I'm definitely following you!

    If you can, check out :)


  3. Looking gorgeous Hun... I've stripped my hair back to my natural deep auburn so I'm rocking alot of pastel colours (my fav being a mint green shimmer shell top from next with light wash jeans) very summery xxx