She Begins To See

I am aware that to some it's a little confusing why my Blog URL is different to the title and all of the other correspondence to my Blog - that is - I't's Such A Wonderful Life'. So I decided I should take a minute or two out to explain.

'She Begins To See' is linked to 'It's Such A Wonderful Life' in a personal way for me. In a nutshell, sometimes life deals you a bad hand, and sometimes you hit rock bottom. 

When these times happen it's really easy to get sucked down and not get back up again. But one thing I believe very strongly is that even when things are so foggy with the bad things in life, there's always a ray of hope; or something which lets light in so you begin to 'see' a way out again. Often this ray of hope is only shown to you through your own personal strength to find it.

When this happens, you'll begin to see again that every day, something in your life will be wonderful; you just have to look a little closer for it sometimes. 

L x


  1. Very wise words, I really couldn't agree more :)x

    1. I'm really pleased you think so <3 x