Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gay Bars vs Straight Bars

I'm off to one of our usual haunts tonight, (Queens Court if you're from Leeds) and it got me thinking. Last night my flatmate was hosting a party in our house, and while I went down to pre-drink with everyone, I passed up on the opportunity to go out. Why? If I'm honest, because it was to a straight bar.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a hetro-hater, if anything I particularly enjoy the company of heterosexuals since I'm surrounded by gays 95% of the time. (My flatmates are both bi-sexual and with women).

My problem with straight bars however, is that I always end up having a bad night in them! The queue for the loo is an event in itself, you get pushed and shoved at the bar trying to get a drink, and you always end up dancing with some girl doing the booty dance right up behind you. You know who I mean, when you're practically spilling your drink all over your girlfriends because someone thinks they are Beyonce, and keeps bouncing off you with their bottom.
Couple that with the fact that there's normally some form of lecherous man involved and you've pretty much found my idea of hell!

Don't get me wrong, gay bars aren't without their downfalls too. The guy in the corner who's trying to get his girlfriend to cop off with you so he can have a good gawp, the fact that if you're wearing a dress no-one will take you seriously (comes in handy for you straight girls though), and more cheese than a Babybell factory. BUT, I can get a drink when I want one, and people actually make room for you at the bar rather than shove you out of the way, quite a lot of butch lesbians have the preferred dance move of 'hand in pocket, shuffle/tap foot a bit, try and look cool' so a significantly reduced amount of bottom shaking, you get to know people who are normally genuinely friendly rather than just wanting to get into your knickers (this does not apply to the entire population may I add!) and there's normally not a ridiculous entry fee. I'm sold!

The problem arises however when a stag party/boys night out/ hen party arrives. Suddenly we all become the worlds greatest entertainment, they point and stare while shouting about how cool they are with the gays. Hummm, I beg to differ. I once saw a man set about a gay guy who tried to chat him up, he claimed that he 'wasn't no puff' and had to be dragged away. I have to ask, if you aren't that confident with your sexuality to be able to take it as flattery, why the hell are you in there?!

And on the subject of guys that's a whole other story for a whole other day.

Tell me about your nights out, do you like gay bars? I'm genuinely interested!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer Inspiration

Hey Gorgeous!

How lovely is this weather?! I'm so upset I've missed most of it with having to work, I haven't managed even so much as some sunburn, never mind a tan!
I've now lost a stone since I started my weight loss journey and I'm really enjoying wearing summer clothes that previously didn't fit me or just didn't look right. Legs out anyone? :D
It's really got me thinking about some inspiration that I'll be rocking this summer, let me know what you think!

I need this skirt in my life for my Holiday in September! Love it!

I love everything about this, especially the pastel tee tied to the side <3

I'm looking forward to being able to show my back off, I've never been able to as I carry weight there, but it looks like I'll soon be able to wear something like this! I'm loving the red <3

Bright glitter lips, if you've read my blog for a while you'll know I'm a fan of this for a night out, if you're doing it, make sure you drink from a straw though!

The perfect shade of blue, I'm not a fan of blue nails but this would definitely float my boat!

These have been on my wishlist for such a long time, I think they're so fun! I also love the anklet, it adds such a girly touch <3

I would happily buy all of these <3 I'd wear them layered with a couple of gold bangles thrown in there for a contrast in texture.

And who wouldn't want a bag this bright and colourful, this is something I'm looking to invest in this summer.

I'm sorry I've been away for a little while and it's gone quiet on the blog, I pulled 2 all-nighters in 3 days within the last week, had 3, 3 hour exams which went terribly, and I'm now half way thorough my final stint of a 3,000 word essay. It's in tomorrow at 12 though so as soon as it's out of the way I'll be back to normal.

I might put up a few photos of what I've got up to in my snatched few hours off from work, (which were mostly filled with sleeping may I add ha) but I did manage to fit in a BBQ with my girlfriends, one with Alex and an afternoon in the park after our last exam. So I suppose technically I did have time to blog... Sorry guys :( I have some reviews of some Salon Confidential Makeup coming up soon though!

See you on the other side of this 3,000 words!



p.s. Luce would like to say hello. She is spying on me from the computer next to me. I'm sure she is finding this all quite hilarious!

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Fairy Lights

Aren't they beautiful? I love how magical they make everything look <3


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Friday, 18 May 2012

Salon Confidential Makeup

I purchased my Salon Confidential Extensions with my own money, however was sent their two makeup sets to have a play with and review.

There are two sets, 'Vibrant Red' and 'Smokey Eyes', from the 'Get The Look' range.

Today I want to talk to you about the Smokey Eye Set which retails at £19 and includes:
A lipstick
An eyeshadow
A gel eyeliner (not pictured, it's just a black pot with eyeliner in)
A blusher
A mascara
An instruction leaflet
A makeup bag

I'll take each product in turn.

This is what you get when it pops through your door, I like the makeup bag aspect and the fact that they use a simple design. Personally I'm not a fan of try too hard packaging, so this is great. It's good for travel and you can wipe it down if anything was to spill on it.

The lipstick is in a baby pink colour which is extremely light when applied I found. It's not drying, but it does really highlight flaws on your lips. I've not found many lipsticks this shade that don't do that though to be fair. It has average staying power and I enjoy the logo, however the packaging feels light and not 'expensive' in any way. (Which is fair enough for under £4 per product)

I've used this a couple of times now and found it impossible to photograph. In reality it has an almost green undertone to it which is very pretty. Again the packaging feels cheap, BUT it is a lovely colour that has good pigmentation. I find a primer is what makes all the difference with this product, it really makes the colour pop.

Considering I really dislike peach on me, in any kind of form, I was happy to see there was a pink blush in here. It has a nice buttery finish and I found it was just the right pigmentation. Not too heavy, and not too light. Probably the best product in the bag.

For a smokey eye kit this was a big disappointment. We all know that a smokey eye without high impact mascara is a bit... blergh. As far as this goes, I actually really enjoy it as a daytime mascara, it leaves my eyelashes soft and fans them out giving a lovely feathery effect. But it's definitely not a night time mascara.

The packaging it comes in is lovely, I really like their silver logo and it's a nice idea to have them individually packaged. Having said this, considering it comes with a makeup bag, is it necessary? Not really, and from a business point of view I can't help but think that it would cut costs down as well as making them a more environmentally friendly business to cut this part out.

You also get this included, which is an instruction guide on how to get the look.
This part I have to say, I am extremely dubious about. In particular, the fact that I doubt that someone who already owns a gel eyeliner brush and is capable of applying it (well) on a daily basis, would need an instruction booklet. (They would be much better going with a pencil in my opinion.)
Perhaps if you are a beginner this would be useful to you, but I can't help but feel that handing a novice some black eyeshadow and concealer lipstick with an instruction manual isn't going to have particularly good results. I'm open to persuasion if this isn't the case that any of you may have found however!

As far as the gel eyeliner goes, it smudges and transfers very easily. Although as someone used to Bobbi Brown I wasn't going to be swayed easily, so maybe I'm biased.


I'm gutted that I can't give a glowing review of the makeup, as you all know I'm a huge fan of their extensions. I'm not sure whether it's because I've been in the high end market for quite a long time now, or whether my tastes have changed but this isn't for me.
I also don't think that it's a particularly comprehensive way of achieving this given look.

Having said that, I should stress that if you are starting out in makeup, these products are great as individuals to use to pad out your collection. The blush is great, you get a good daytime mascara, a black eyeshadow for using in your crease with other looks, a gel eyeliner to practice with and a lipstick that with considerable prep and a gloss on top could work well for you. The guide is also helpful as a general overview on how to create a smoky eye. Look at it as more of an 'expansion' to your products to help you create your smokey eye rather than a complete kit.
You will get 5 products, a guide and a makeup bag for under £20 which is a steal when you think of it that way, but unfortunately it really shows in the quality. I'd personally rather pay a little bit more and get more of a luxury product, what about you?

Let me know if you disagree, this is just my personal opinion.
I stand by the fact that I really admire Salon Confidential's work ethic and the way they present themselves, they have a fantastic customer service and an outstanding product in the hair extensions. This particular product just wasn't for me.


Let's Talk About Salon Confidential..

So you might remember this post where I gave you a sneak preview of my new salon confidential hair extensions, well now I'll reveal all!

I learned of them thanks to the lovely world of blogging, and thought why not, let's have a change and so took the plunge!
I've always had 100% remi human hair, so synthetic was a step in the other direction completely, but one I was willing to take, as I love the concept of not having to style your extensions.

Salon Confidential extensions are available in three styles that are all 18in in length. These are, Bouncy Curl, Volume Wave and Silky Straight, so something for everyone. They'll set you back £45, but it's a price I personally feel is worth paying.

You can't use heat on these, as it would obviously fry them, but the beauty is ready styled hair that won't get worn out quickly by using heat to style them, and so cutting down on how often they need to be washed too! I'm using the spare time that I have from not curling my extensions to go running!


Okay, here's the details on the extensions themselves:
They have the clips sewn on ready to go, and a positive aspect of these clips, I have to say, is that they are slightly larger than normal, ensuring maximum grip on your hair. Each pack of hair has 12 pieces and has plenty of hair if you're looking for a natural look. If you're wanting full on glamour, you will need two packs. In reality, you will achieve a look that is around half as voluminous as the image on the box. If you're worried about the cost of two packs, New Look stock half packs called 'On The Go', which should be enough to give you that added boost! Oh and don't worry about being weighed down, I've never worn extensions as comfortable as these, once they're in I literally can't feel a thing! :D


My experience:
When they arrived I noticed they weren't a great colour match for me, (you can email Salon Confidential a photo and they will colour match you - I didn't do this though) but since I was thinking of having a change anyway it didn't worry me. I used an ash toner to bring my colour to a more cool toned blonde, and kept light pieces to frame my face- so far so good.
I then spent around an hour cutting them in so that they blended in with my hair. I can't tell you how important this is, it makes all the difference! If you have all one length hair it can be a great way to try out layers too, without the commitment :)


I have worn my extensions every day since I got them and can safely say I love them! They are a little too shiny when they first arrive (in an overly synthetic way) but after a couple of wears they will matte down just a little and blend in much easier.

I have the Volume Wave extensions in the colour Ash Blonde.

So there's a big happy smile on my face and big bouncy locks on my head, it's a win win situation! I'm going to invest in the bouncy curl range at some point, and also a shade lighter than my extensions that I have now to blend with these for my holiday!

Head over to their website here, and take a look!


A Disappearing Act!

Hey lovelies,

I just wanted to get a quick post up to say sorry it's been quiet on the blogging front for the past couple of days. As you probably all know it's exam period and I'm snowed under.
I've had one exam this morning though and I have 2 and an essay to go, so there's light at the end of the tunnel!

I'll be back soon with a review on some lovely products, but first I'm going for a run and then for a shower :)


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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sneak Preview - Salon Confidential Extensions!

Excited to share this with you, I'm very impressed!


Boots Haul

I love hauls with necessities in as I think it's really interesting to see what people buy and use on a daily basis. It's a good way to pick up tips!

I actually feel like I got quite a bargain on all this, there was a lot of offers on.

Here's the main overview, I picked up quite a lot didn't I!

I was looking for something to really make my hair shine, and after perusing the isles for quite a while I went for the Schwarzkopf Gliss line. I can't lie, I think the packaging is really pretty and that's definitely what attracted me to the products in the first place! They have a lovely smell, it's quite 'perfumey'. They were also very reasonably priced at £1.99 for the shampoo and conditioner, £2.99 for the leave in shine protectant, and £1.99 for the shine spray.
I used them last night and this morning and am loving the results they give. I'll reveal a bit more about these on a post that I have lined up soon.

I really like L'oreal Excellence Creme hair dyes, they come with a pre treatment to protect the hair, and leave it feeling soft and manageable when your'e done. I was tired of my colour and wanted to make it look a little more 'expensive' so decided to tone it to a more ashy shade and all some highlights through. It's around £6 so pretty standard for a good boxed hair dye.

I struggle with eczema on my upper arms and picked up the Nivea Sensitive balance shower gel to use just on that part of me. While I was picking it up, I noticed the Nivea range was on offer for 95p so snapped up a couple of others to store away for the new house. They smell lovely and I'm particularly looking forward to trying the Diamond Touch one on my legs!

I always have a Montagne Jeunesse face mask or three hanging around for pamper times and when my skin needs a little TLC. I picked this up to help prevent blemishes. I also grabbed another 200 press on nails, this time by Nailene. I have to say, I much prefer this glue. The Kiss glue just doesn't hold that well I find. These were 99p and around £6.99.

I was in need of some false lashes for nights out as mine are looking a little tired now. I normally get Shu Uemura eyelashes but I thought these would be good for now. I prefer shorter but thicker eyelashes to add lots of volume, rather than length. At £4 odd they were a snip compared to my usual ones!

And finally, there was a 2for1 offer across makeup and since I was picking up an emergency gel liner (Bobbi Brown ran out that morning!) I thought I may as well grab a couple of other things.
You all know I have a real weakness for Mavala nail varnishes, but I also have a little soft spot for Accessorize 3D and Duo-chrome line. I picked up this one which is a duo-chrome effect of pink and orange. It's like a sunset in a bottle and I'm loving it! I paid about £8 for all of them.

The Blush is by Beauty UK and is in the shade Wild Berry. I don't like to spend a lot on drugstore blushes as I prefer Bobbi Brown and don't want to waste my money. But I liked the texture and finish of this one. Not bad for a couple of pounds.

As you can see, it doesn't exactly have the glamour factor, and if you don't have a proper eyeliner brush don't buy this one, it comes with a brush about 2 inches long, which is of no use or ornament. Buy the Maybelline Gel liner instead - it comes with a great one.

You might be able to tell that I've been having a bit of a hair overhaul, and I'm super excited to share why with you, but for now I'll leave you in suspense :p!


Slimming into Summer progress [4]

Wow I can't believe I'm up to my 4th week already! I'm so happy with what I've achieved so far, and I'm now half way to my weight goal!

I lost 2lbs this week, and have really started to notice a difference in my clothes. I can now fit back into 2 pairs of trousers that I could fit into before, but because they were so tight they just looked unnatractive. Now I'm pleased to say that one pair is a bit on the big side! :D

I don't feel as though I've drank as much water as I could have this week, I met my goal most days, but I feel like I could have done more and didn't push myself hard enough, so I'm sticking with that goal for this week.
I'm also still aiming to meditate 3 times a week and keep up with my exercise! Since it's exam time, I feel good to get out and about for half a hour, it clears my head and gives me some alone time.

I'll be back soon with a little haul for you, have a nice day!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shabby Chic Mood Board Inspiration

I know that I'd love a really large inspiration board in my 'room' in our new home.(If you don't know why 'room' is inverted commas, it says why in this post).
I also love the thought of decorating with jewellery like in this photo, but for my room I would obviously have a white frame.

If I'm going for an all out girly mood board, then the question is, what backing paper to use?
I've been having a little peruse and these are the ones that really caught my eye.

These are all available from Paperchase or John Lewis.

Which one if your favourite?


Saturday, 12 May 2012


Last night I filed my nails down and applied 2 coats of Mavala Lotus, a shimmering pearly white, and added Mavala Sparkling Diamond over the top - love the effect!


Friday, 11 May 2012

One of those days...

Today has been incredibly long and incredibly stressful, I've been waiting for this time to come alllll day. I'm going to make myself a hot chocolate, light some candles, and settle down with a new book in bed (yet to decide, we'll see what iBooks holds!)

I'm currently coveting a pillow spray. I quite fancy the Champneys Spa Treatment Relaxing Pillow Mist, or maybe the Tasmanian Lavendar Room, Pillow and Body Mist from Lakeland.

Have any of you ever tried a pillow spray?

Goodnight lovelies,

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Overhaul Inspiration!

Hello gorgeous!

I hopped on the scales this morning and was rewarded with a little bit less showing up than last time, so I'm super happy! I'll save the details 'till my Slimming Into Summer update on Monday though :D.

I've just had a lovely breakfast of low fat hash browns with a teaspoon of syrup on the side as a treat (only 110 calories per plate :o), and I'm about to go on a run when I've finished this - I'm feeling really energised and can't wait to get out there!
After that I have another thrilling day of Land Law in-front of me, and this is by far my most jam packed day yet. I have 3 topics to get through, which is the equivalent of around 3 months work :/. Once I'm done though I'm hoping that I can finally get round to opening a new book and snuggling on the sofa with a Cadbury's Options :D

I thought I'd show you some inspiration that I've been loving that's spurring me on with my image/lifestyle change. Once I've lost all the weight that I want I'm going to focus on toning up, and then the fun stuff starts. Hair, nails, tan (from a cheeky week away) and hopefully a few new things added into my wardrobe in celebration!

I love the top look as an everyday kind of sultry look, and the bottom as a holiday/summers day fun look.

I would wear either of these on holiday, but the bottom one especially to somewhere abroad. It would look great with a stack of brightly coloured bracelets on your writs. I'll probably go for the top look when it's my visit to London and Cornwall, fun, girly and with a bit of sparkle <3

I want to go a little lighter with my hair through highlights, I also love Gretchen's fringe in this pic, and the jumper in the top one <3

How pretty is that skirt? I need to find it - I really like the top it's with too! I can't wait to be able to buy some colourful clothes for summer and my holidays, and for them to be a bit more revealing than usual. I'd normally never get any kind of midriff out, but I'd love to do it in a subtle way like this!

This one might surprise you, I want my tummy button pierced. I used to have a lot of piercings, my most unusual being my hips. But now I only have my ears done once, and one other piercing. I know it's a love or hate thing, but I think with a tan, a little dainty crystal bar would look lovely! (I'd also like to get my nose done again)
I also love the outfit in this picture, I love the concept of a thick jumper being worn in a summery way.

And finally, I really want to keep it up with my health kick. I don't want to reach my target and let it go, I want this to be a real lifestyle change. I'll obviously allow myself more treats than now when I'm actively trying to lose weight, but I want to keep up running, even on holiday, and make sure I'm still eating healthily. No junk is going into my body at 2am in the morning on the way back from a bar!

Hope you're having a great day,

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