Friday, 18 May 2012

Let's Talk About Salon Confidential..

So you might remember this post where I gave you a sneak preview of my new salon confidential hair extensions, well now I'll reveal all!

I learned of them thanks to the lovely world of blogging, and thought why not, let's have a change and so took the plunge!
I've always had 100% remi human hair, so synthetic was a step in the other direction completely, but one I was willing to take, as I love the concept of not having to style your extensions.

Salon Confidential extensions are available in three styles that are all 18in in length. These are, Bouncy Curl, Volume Wave and Silky Straight, so something for everyone. They'll set you back £45, but it's a price I personally feel is worth paying.

You can't use heat on these, as it would obviously fry them, but the beauty is ready styled hair that won't get worn out quickly by using heat to style them, and so cutting down on how often they need to be washed too! I'm using the spare time that I have from not curling my extensions to go running!


Okay, here's the details on the extensions themselves:
They have the clips sewn on ready to go, and a positive aspect of these clips, I have to say, is that they are slightly larger than normal, ensuring maximum grip on your hair. Each pack of hair has 12 pieces and has plenty of hair if you're looking for a natural look. If you're wanting full on glamour, you will need two packs. In reality, you will achieve a look that is around half as voluminous as the image on the box. If you're worried about the cost of two packs, New Look stock half packs called 'On The Go', which should be enough to give you that added boost! Oh and don't worry about being weighed down, I've never worn extensions as comfortable as these, once they're in I literally can't feel a thing! :D


My experience:
When they arrived I noticed they weren't a great colour match for me, (you can email Salon Confidential a photo and they will colour match you - I didn't do this though) but since I was thinking of having a change anyway it didn't worry me. I used an ash toner to bring my colour to a more cool toned blonde, and kept light pieces to frame my face- so far so good.
I then spent around an hour cutting them in so that they blended in with my hair. I can't tell you how important this is, it makes all the difference! If you have all one length hair it can be a great way to try out layers too, without the commitment :)


I have worn my extensions every day since I got them and can safely say I love them! They are a little too shiny when they first arrive (in an overly synthetic way) but after a couple of wears they will matte down just a little and blend in much easier.

I have the Volume Wave extensions in the colour Ash Blonde.

So there's a big happy smile on my face and big bouncy locks on my head, it's a win win situation! I'm going to invest in the bouncy curl range at some point, and also a shade lighter than my extensions that I have now to blend with these for my holiday!

Head over to their website here, and take a look!



  1. Great post!!!! :)interesting...

    Have a good day. Xoxo Flor.

  2. Your hair looks so good in that picture on the sidebar is that with them in? :0 amazing. I cant wait until my hair is long enough to wear extensions with xxx

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