Saturday, 5 May 2012

Flat hunting!!!

I'm so excited about today, it's out first viewing of a place together! I can't believe we're here at last, it feels amazing! We're looking for something quite modern, with two bedrooms, in the city centre, with a balcony and a parking space. Sounds a lot huh? Luckily we've been keeping an eye open for quite a while now and there's quite a lot of places that fit out criteria :D

Other than the viewing(s), I also have a lot of work to get through, and also my second run is today! I was quite sore yesterday but now I'm raring to go again! Tonight we're out for a friends birthday and I'm excited to do some dancing - looks like a lot of exercise for the legs today :D

In the spirit of new houses, I decided to show you some inspiration that I've been cataloguing for when we move in. I'm obsessed with interior design, and I can't wait to get my hands on my own space!

With us looking for somewhere modern, you'd probably guess that my interior design taste is minimal and modern, very grey and monochrome, but it's actually not at all. We're asking for modern because we would like a modern kitchen and bathroom, but it also tends to be that the rest of the place is a blank canvas so we can put our own stamp on it. The style that I'm leaning more and more towards these days is a kind modern luxe, but also occasionally mixed with a kind of rustic feel. I'll show you what I mean. Most of these photos contain an aspect that I'd like to incorporate rather than an entire look that I like.

I love the look of mirror on mirror with gold hardware - I think it's absolutely stunning, and perfect when it has minimal accessories.

Again, I love the colour gold, and here I'm loving the incorporation of greenery. I think that's really important in a home.

Can you see a sort of gold pattern emerging here :p? I'm loving the sheer curtains and the brightly coloured scatter cushions. I think this bedding is absolutely amazing.

In this I particularly enjoy the idea of a nook for two matching luxurious dressing gowns and towels. It's a kind of hotel luxury that would be amazing to have on a day to day basis.

I'm not a fan of the colour scheme here, but I love the idea of a picture collage on the wall. It looks especially stunning on an 'oddly' shaped wall like this. I'd stick with antique gold frames mixed in with a little dark wood probably. It'd also work amazingly well with mirrors on a dark wall colour I think.

The flashes of orange are making this scream out to me. I also especially love the idea of decorating with orange boxes, ala Hermes. The big bookshelves are also on my wish-list, I think that books can show someones personality and character more than a lot of things in the home, and it looks fabulous.

This is purely here because of that amazing feature wall, I'm in love with the print and colour, I'd love this for my study (that's what the second bedroom is going to be for).

Here I love the flashes of a bright colour, (I'd go for red probably) the floaty white curtains, and the oversized vase with beautiful flowers. Again, I'd love to find a way to incorporate this into my study.

Okay so out balcony will look nothing like this - I wish it would though! But here I'm enjoying the idea of a colour scheme to carry outside, with some large statement pots and a comfortable place to sit on a nice day/night. Accompanied by a bottle or two of course ;)

And finally:

This is something of my future dreams, it won't be for quite a while yet but how stunning is this? I love the idea of outdoor chandeliers.
I'd quite like to get married wherever this place is too!

Have a lovely day everyone!
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  1. aw good luck with the search! i'm sure you'll have a load of fun decorating xx

    1. I'm going to go crazy! I told Alex she could do the kitchen since she couldn't do too much damage in there but now I'm regretting it! x

  2. Good luck with the hunt, hope you find what you're dreaming of :)
    we have SUCH similar tastes in decoration going by those pictures :) x

    1. You should definitely get some pictures up on your blog then, I'd love to see them! x

  3. All of that is too die for! :)

    1. Tell me about it, I'd kill for some of this stuff! x

  4. Lea, thanks for commenting on and following my blog, and I'm so glad I found yours in return! Congratulations on looking for a new place! We also have really similar tastes in decorating, I think ... you stated perfectly what I feel like my style is, too, but I've never been able to articulate ... "modern luxe with a rustic feel". I absolutely love all your decorating ideas ... we're in the middle of a major remodel of my boyfriend's house, which hasn't been renovated since his grandmother bought it in the late 70's. You can imagine. :-S Anyhow, best of luck with everything and I'll look forward to seeing what you find and how you decorate!

    1. Wow good luck with your renovation, sounds like a lot of work (and also a lot of fun!)
      Hopefully we're going for the place we went to see yesterday, it just blew everything else out of the water but we'll soon find out if someone snapped it up before we do! Fingers crossed :) Thanks for your lovely comment <3 x

  5. ooh, I love these pictures. Good luck! xx

    1. Thanks hun, I think we maybe found an amazing place here! x