Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gay Bars vs Straight Bars

I'm off to one of our usual haunts tonight, (Queens Court if you're from Leeds) and it got me thinking. Last night my flatmate was hosting a party in our house, and while I went down to pre-drink with everyone, I passed up on the opportunity to go out. Why? If I'm honest, because it was to a straight bar.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a hetro-hater, if anything I particularly enjoy the company of heterosexuals since I'm surrounded by gays 95% of the time. (My flatmates are both bi-sexual and with women).

My problem with straight bars however, is that I always end up having a bad night in them! The queue for the loo is an event in itself, you get pushed and shoved at the bar trying to get a drink, and you always end up dancing with some girl doing the booty dance right up behind you. You know who I mean, when you're practically spilling your drink all over your girlfriends because someone thinks they are Beyonce, and keeps bouncing off you with their bottom.
Couple that with the fact that there's normally some form of lecherous man involved and you've pretty much found my idea of hell!

Don't get me wrong, gay bars aren't without their downfalls too. The guy in the corner who's trying to get his girlfriend to cop off with you so he can have a good gawp, the fact that if you're wearing a dress no-one will take you seriously (comes in handy for you straight girls though), and more cheese than a Babybell factory. BUT, I can get a drink when I want one, and people actually make room for you at the bar rather than shove you out of the way, quite a lot of butch lesbians have the preferred dance move of 'hand in pocket, shuffle/tap foot a bit, try and look cool' so a significantly reduced amount of bottom shaking, you get to know people who are normally genuinely friendly rather than just wanting to get into your knickers (this does not apply to the entire population may I add!) and there's normally not a ridiculous entry fee. I'm sold!

The problem arises however when a stag party/boys night out/ hen party arrives. Suddenly we all become the worlds greatest entertainment, they point and stare while shouting about how cool they are with the gays. Hummm, I beg to differ. I once saw a man set about a gay guy who tried to chat him up, he claimed that he 'wasn't no puff' and had to be dragged away. I have to ask, if you aren't that confident with your sexuality to be able to take it as flattery, why the hell are you in there?!

And on the subject of guys that's a whole other story for a whole other day.

Tell me about your nights out, do you like gay bars? I'm genuinely interested!



  1. I'm with you! I'm straight (I hate using that term!)but always have more fun in a gay bar! I know that if I get hit on my suitor usually understands that no means no, in straight bars however no means keep trying. I just like to dance and listen to music without gross men!
    Hannah x

    1. Good point! Although I have to admit that a lot of the uni LGBT lesbians would keep pushing their luck ha x

  2. I'm straight but I love gay bars, they're sooo much better and I always have loads of fun when I go for a night out in a gay bar! xx

    1. That's good to know! I'm glad to hear that! :D x

  3. I think they both have their perks, I wouldn't rule out either one :)