Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sunny weather food

Hi Darlings,

I don't know about you but as soon as the weather gets warmer I get so much more creative in the kitchen. I love to mix it up with different salads, cold drinks and frozen treats. Here are some that I've spotted round and about that I'd love to try!

Berry Milk Pops
Mix milk and condensed milk together and blend, add frozen berries, then pour into lolly moulds. Use this recipe if you need some help.

Simple Fruit Salad 
Try adding something exotic such as dragon-fruit or passionfruit for  a change.

Nutella Strawberries
Easy peasy, take the tops off, dip in Nutella. Marshmallow fluff also works really well with this.  

The Girly Breakfast
Slice different types of melon and strawberries, sprinkle with a touch of sugar.
Buttermilk pancakes, try this recipe. 
Strawberry smoothies, simply blend plenty of strawberries, a good amount of frozen yoghurt and then fill your jug half full (to the yoghurt) with milk. Blend and add a cute straw.

Breakfast Sunday
Layer up natural frozen yoghurt with your favourite berries. Try adding a layer or two of granola for a crunchy treat, and drizzle the top with honey. 

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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  1. The strawberries and nutella look amazing! Yummy!

    Gillian Glam Up Everyday x