Friday, 7 June 2013

Low Cal Sweet Summer Treat - Whipped Strawberry Smoothies!

Hi Beautiful!

When Summer arrives I'm all about self improvement, just those few extra tweaks that I want to do when the sun shines. But this doesn't mean I don't crave a treat every now and then!

Enter Whipped Strawberry Smoothies!

They are so easy to make and under 150kcal!

Take some Angel Delight, (I used strawberry, but you could use any) and make it up according to the instructions (I use roughly half a packet for my own portion). Use Skimmed Milk to keep the calories down, add a little more than normal to ensure it doesn't thicken too much.   

Grab you blender, and pour you mix in, then add an equal part of skimmed milk, a handful of strawberries and plenty of ice. Blend like crazy!

It's lovely and thick and creamy, but still cold and refreshing!

Put it into a cute jar with retro straws or spoons, to serve for the girls on a sunny afternoon!

Have a fun day everyone <3


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