Sunday, 9 June 2013

Soul It Out Sunday - Englishman In New York

Hi Darlings,

This week's Soul It Out Sunday comes in the form of Sting and the Police, namely their collaboration entitled 'Englishman in New York'. Now granted, this isn't soul, it's most definitely Jazz, but you'll let me off won't you?

'Englishman in New York' came from Sting's 1987 album 'Nothing like the Sun', and talks specifically about the gay icon Quentin Crisp as the Englishman. 

The single was re-promoted in the mid 1990's reaching number 15 in the UK, however it only peaked at #84 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

At the end of the original video, an elderly voice can be heard saying, "If I have an ambition other than a desire to be a chronic invalid, it would be to meet everybody in the world before I die..."
As it is, this is a really great video and I really recommend that you check it out.  

I hope you've had a great weekend guys, I enjoyed writing about this one. It's got some great trivia surrounding it and I really recommend you check out the link to Quentin Crisp above, he certainly was an interesting character, he even criticised Princess Diana publicly; quite the scandal!


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