Friday, 30 December 2011

Hey There Lonely Girl

Let's start off with some New Years Resolutions.

1. Make full use of my gym membership
2. Try to do more reading for my degree
3. Stop buying impulse drugstore makeup - save up and buy something you love!
4. Get a hold on blogging regularly

2012 means a new start, something that everyone could use once in a while and something I'm looking forward to. I've done such a lot in 2011, I feel like 2012 could be even better than this year.

Since my blog has been a little lonely recently, I thought I'd show some pictures from memorable times in the last couple of months.

Images 1,2,3 - Our 1 year anniversary
Images 4,5,6 - A trip to London. We ate takeaway on the streets on Bonfire night, shopped too much and ate too well.
Images 7,8 - Our lovely Bunny CoCo, she gets cuter every day
Images 9,10 - Spending time with Alex, whether eating out (Piccolino's for reference) or staying in with comfort food and a good film (The Grinch ;))
Images 11-16 - A christmas trip to York with my Mum. We stayed at the Cedar Court Grand Hotel and spent a wonderful day in the spa, before hitting the shops, and a tour of York Minster on the following day
Images 17,18 - Spending time at home, and seeing friends from home. (Megan and Walter)

I havent included any Christmas pictures in this post, as I'm afraid I'm guilty of not being snap happy this Christmas! Hopefully Alex will have some and I'll remember the camera on New Years Eve.

Christmas was amazing, my family go all out for the festive season. Our home is always beautiful (I'll get some pictures before I go back to Leeds!) and the atmosphere is so wonderful. I feel so lucky.

I also got to meet Alex's extended family for the first time, who were also so lovely and welcoming. All in all I've had an amazing Christmas, an amazing year, and I can't wait to see what 2012 holds!

Lea x


  1. Why is THAT picture of me on there?!?!?!?!?! only you....well i should really say only I would do something like that!!!! xxx