Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another Perspective [1]

Sometimes I feel that it's easy to forget that more isn't always a good thing.
I've seen a few skincare videos and blog posts floating around of late, and it's really got me thinking.
I really seem to have a very simple skincare routine, but my skin is something I get complemented on quite frequently. For me, less is definitely more.

{Desperately need to pinch Alex's camera! My iPhone just doesn't cut it}

The photo above shows everything I use on my face, bar my sunscreen.

My daily skincare ritual is really simple:

1. I wash my face and use my Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. It removes any excess oils or dirt that may have built up overnight, and generally wakes me up. The reason I opted for the Vitamin E version was for two reasons; firstly, I prefer the texture of this one to the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser; and secondly, I really see the benefits that Vitamin E products bring to my skin.
2. I apply my moisturiser (Vitamin E)
3. I apply my eye cream (Vitamin E) - I use mine to moisturise and protect, it's not anti-ageing.
4. I apply my sunscreen

Then I'm done for the morning, and ready to put my makeup on.

1. I take my makeup off with a makeup wipe, I swear by Jhonsons Dreamy Skin but they're always so hard to find. I stock up when I spot them.
2. I cleanse with my Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser
3. I use my moisturiser
4. I use my eye cream

The secret for me, in keeping my skin in good condition are the little extra steps I take twice a week.

1. I exfoliate using St.Ives scrub every 3/4 days
2. I use an anti blemish, or a refining mask once a week.
3. Once a fortnight I steam my face using a Lush Vitamin E/C toner tab (not shown)

I really enjoy using all of these products, they never let me down, and if it aint' broken, why fix it?



  1. Very interesting post! I love reading peoples daily beauty routines!!

  2. so beautiful design &blog you have ! :>

    1. I have only just spotted this comment, thankyou!! xx