Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Little Bit Of A Haul...

Today I spent the day with my Mum who drove up from Preston for a day of shopping. We had some lovely lunch and an amazing cupcake, all in all, a really lovely day.

The jumper was £15.99 from Zara and seems to change from mint green to baby blue depending on the light, I absolutely love it.

The books are American Psycho (which I actually bought yesterday but thought I would include) and A Discovery Of Witches. I've been reading quite a lot recently and often find myself getting distracted during the day when I should be working!

I picked up the Lush Shower Jelly in Whoosh too, I use Sweetie Pie every day and I wanted something more refreshing for mornings. For the same reason I picked up this body butter from M&S for £6 which has a lovely zingy citrus/lime scent.

Finally, I got round to buying a MAC 15 pallet so I can get de-potting, and also picked up Phloof! which I have been after for forever.

Hope you all had a lovely Wednesday,

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  1. Hi Lea!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and yeah, the Brudenell... seriously! When I first went I was scared shitless and thought the whole place was horrible, but I go there quite a lot to see bands and I absolutely love the whole atmostphere now. Though, that day it has to be said, the whole place was empty and we just drank warm cider and were festive :)
    As for your buys, I have a MAC 15 palette and it is the best decision ever! Still have three spaces in mine so must decide which shades to add. And American Psycho - brilliant if you can stomach the gross bits. If you like that you should try Less Than Zero, that's my favourite Easton Ellis book. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! Hope to speak to you again sometime! Lil xx