Sunday, 11 September 2011

Never give up, it's such a wonderful life [no.1]

This week Alex and I decided to go out at night on a whim and see what happened. Leeds is such a vibrant place, there's always something going on. We had no plan, we hopped on a bus and wandered around the city. We decided to head down to the docks to Brewery Wharf, and ended up sat by the water in a bar/restaurant called Oracle. We had gourmet burgers which were amazing, mine was chicken bacon and avocado, and french martini cocktails. As the week progressed on, I discovered a love of a childhood favourite of mine once more, white chocolate Rice Crispie cakes. They're so easy, just melt a quarter of a tub of butter and a packet of marshmallows in a pan, stir in Rice Crispies and then once they've been off the heat for 5 minutes, stir in white chocolate chips. They're amazing after 5 more minutes, sticky and warm. My final craving at the moment is a rabbit, the one in the picture is my rabbit from my parents home. He's so so old now, and I'd love to adopt a new bunny to have with me in my new house.

Lea x

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