Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Barbour Wax Jackets

I've had a red quilted Barbour Jacket for around a year now, and I wear it to death. So much so that I was really in need of another one to switch things up a bit. So yesterday I got a Barbour Wax Jacket with a flower lining and I'm in love with it.
To me Barbour is the epitome of England and their jackets are just so classy. My dad has always worn Barbour Jackets as casual wear and he is on the market for a new one, so he knows all the tricks to getting a great coat at a lower price than the highstreet. The secret here is to go to hunting and shooting shops like we do, not only do they have a fantastic selection but they also sell them at much fairer prices.
I'd say that if you were thinking of buying a Barbour Coat and making the investment, it's definitely worth going and trying all the different styles on as they can look completely different on than on the hanger/website. There'll almost certainly be one that's for you :D!

This jacket was £180 which was a really great price for a Barbour Wax Jacket, and since it will really stand the test of time I'll be wearing it for years to come. Barbour has some of the best customer service in the world, and jackets as much as 50 years old are restored and back with their owners for another decade of wear, so it's definitely an investment worth making in my eyes.

If you can't get to a shooting shop, it is available on ASOS at the moment for around £220 here, although I have to say I don't think the model is doing it justice. It's just beautiful in person <3


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  1. Adore Barbour jackets, I had one when I was younger and wish I still fit into it! x

    1. Well I have no excuse for not fitting into this one for years to come, or it's a strict diet for me! x

  2. I need one of these! Luckily I live near a bunch of shooting shops so I'll definitely be going on the hunt for one! Love the liner in this one! Great post love!

    1. Thanks :) yeah, if you want a Barbour shooting shops are definitely the place to go! Good luck with finding a special one :) x