Monday, 23 April 2012

Slimming into summer progress [1]

I found this on (can you tell I love that site? :p) and really loved it! I've set it as my background on my iMac so I'm reminded by it whenever I look at my computer :D.

I've also decided to set myself a small goal to try to fulfil each week and I thought this list was a good place to start with ticking things off! This week I'm going to try to go on a walk (weather permitting) every single day.


So do you remember that I said I was going on a diet/health kick?

I had my first weigh in this morning and I have lost 4lbs! Now I know that's a lot if you're aiming to lose weight the healthy way, which I am (1-2lbs a week is average), but I think it may have been the drastic change that shocked my body a bit, I'm now expecting it to level out at around 2lbs a week fingers crossed!

I thought I'd do a quick summary of how I've been doing during week one:

*I've been eating 1200 calories a day and have been using the 'MyFitnessPal'
app to keep track of the calories. I absolutely love this app, scanning foods in makes it so quick and easy to keep track of what you're eating.

*I've been sure to eat three meals per day that are the recommended portion size (you'd be surprised how much difference this makes!) and one snack. I've been eating them at the allocated times and no later than 8pm.

*I haven't gone hungry at all - if I was hungry, I ate, I just made better decisions about what I was putting into my body. My meals have all been healthy and included lots of fruit, veg and whole foods.

*I've drank a lot more water - you'd be surprised how many calories are in drinks. I don't like water on it's own but I mix in 2 cap-fulls of cordial and it's fine. I think this is because theres the option on 'MyFitnessPal' to keep track of how much water you've been drinking during the day, so it's made me more conscious.

After this week I'm feeling more energised, much less 'sluggish' and bloated and I've noticed a difference in my skin. It's clearer and smoother so I'm obviously super happy about that! :D
I'm actually really enjoying pushing myself into making good decisions about my life, not just in the food department, but also exercise and my motivation to get things done. It means I can truly have the weekend off and not feel guilty :p

I'm off to have my lunch now, but I'm also going to have a little pampering session since I have an hour off for lunch (I got up extra early today to start work). I got some exciting things in the post today which I'll show you later :D

Have a lovely day everyone <3

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  1. Congrats on the 4lbs loss! Glad that you've found something that's working for you!

    My boyfriend and I are on a bit of a health kick at the moment. We lost LOADS of weight last year but got a bit slack and put some weight back on around christmas.

    Keep up with the good work and your updates! :)

    Lola ..x


    1. Well done on your weight loss from last year! Everyone puts on a bit at Christmas though don't they, I'm sure it'll come off once you put your mind to it again :) x

  2. I love the '20 things to start doing' mantra, I might have to print it off and stick it to my bedroom mirror. Hope it's going well!x

    1. I feel like I may need to stick it to my head so there's no chance I'll forget :p x

  3. Well done on the weight loss! Somethings working! Id love to see a post on how your managing it! :)

    1. I'm definitely going to keep it up, it's giving me motivation to know that if I fall off the wagon you'll all know I failed haha x

  4. Ooh well done on the weightloss lovely! <3 xo

    1. Thanks :) I'm pretty chuffed :D x