Saturday, 10 November 2012

Necessity Hauling?

Every now and then the lovely pretty things end up being left on the shelf while you gravitate towards those things you actually need. Yesterday was one of those days, although one pretty thing did sneak its way in...

 It's not really a secret that my skincare is minimal. I believe in using the least products as possible, as gently as possible - and it really works for me. There are certain products that just work for me, and I stick to them. 
Johnson's Dreamy Skin makeup wipes are one of these, and undoubtedly my HG product. They remove all makeup with no dragging at all, they are nice and moist and they smell divine. However I've decided that now it's coming to the coldest months and I'm wearing more makeup, and more matte textures, something double duty is needed. 
I picked up the Johnson's cleanser as I know that their brand does wonders for my skin, but also the Simple one as I wanted something light for any days when my skin may be a little oilier. 
I then grabbed a toner, simply because when I use a cleanser I like to know with 100% certainty that it is all off my face, and a toner helps to ensure this. This one is just Superdrug's own brand for sensitive skin. Perfect for what I want it for. 

 Just recently the body butter I had just wasn't doing it for me anymore. The smell wasn't right and it was just putting me off using it. This one is absolutely gorgeous, it has a real 'creamy' coconut smell to it rather than just straight up coconut and the smell really lingers, which is something I personally really like. 

And this was my sneaky purchase, I spotted it by the tills and I couldn't leave it. It's called 'Amethyst Glitter' and really is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to use it, probably in conjunction with a deep vampy purple.

 And finally I picked up a travel mug, (from my University Union) The flask I've been pinching from Alex is just too big, on the heavy side and to be honest, it's not very good. Things seem to go cold in it far too quickly. This is small, compact and I can drink from it on the go too. I shunned the pink option for the festive red version - it reminds me of the Starbucks red cups!

I have another incredibly busy day again today, I have work coming out of my ears and then the joys of being a housewife (cleaning) await me. I'd best disappear and get on with it hadn't I?

Have a great day everyone,


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