Friday, 31 May 2013

The Way The Cinema Should Be?

Hello Gorgeous,

A couple of days ago I went to see The Great Gatsby with Alex, and I can honestly say that it is an absolutely incredible film. The storyline isn't fantastic, but in terms of the acting, the staging and the soundtrack, it really is incredible.

However, Alex decided to surprise me and took me to the Everyman cinema in Leeds Trinity, and I can honestly say the entire experience was mind-blowing. This is not the place where you shuffle into uncomfortable sticky seats with your overpriced Coke and popcorn, this is how the Cinema should be.

 Margarita Pizza - this was so incredibly tasty, potentially one of the best Margaritas I've ever had.

 Olives and Garlic Bread...

And yes, I saved the best 'till last. Sofas. They were in two's and three's, and were fantastically comfy.

This in my opinion, is the way the cinema should be. It really makes going to the cinema a night out rather than a couple of hours in the dark. There is a full bar, so you can take in a bottle/glass of wine, beer, spirits, even cocktails. At the end of the film, people were still chatting and finishing their drinks while discussing the film, which was absolutely lovely. Such a change from people jumping up to run out and get out of the car park.

Having said this, it's not cheap. It's around the £11 mark for a ticket, and the food isn't exactly what you'd call economical. But if you're looking for a night out that's different, it's around the same cost as a meal out, or potentially even less. I can't wait to go back again, I'm a complete convert!

Let me know if you go!


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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the storyline itself a bit lacking! But I loved the film, it was so well done.
    And this cinema looks lovely, I don't think there is one at all where I live. Jealous! x

  2. I loved the movie... dedivated whole post to it... I'm litterary amazed by the story and senery and music and Leo...:D
    Stop by LittleMissTwiggy for some new posts :)

  3. i thought the great gatsby was entertaining and I'm glad I saw it but it wasn't great, quite flat in places. This cinema however looks absolutely awesome! There's a couple in london that do the same thing, I really need to go to them!

  4. I really want to see the great gatsby, mostly because I love Leo & anything about the 20s. I'm not a fan of the cinema though, I always get someone eating chewy sweets sitting behind me haha so I think I'm going to wait for it to be released on itunes!

    Jennie xo //

  5. That looks so cool! I went with my Dad to see Gatsby and I loved it! I go to the Palace Cinema in Longridge, its $5 for an adult 1 showing a day, they sell tea and coffee in mugs for 50p!!! And there is an intermission with a lady walking round with an ice cream tray plus they play the national anthem before every film and we all stand up.