Thursday, 19 July 2012

Olympic Inspiration!

Next Friday I'm off to London and Cornwall/Devon for almost two weeks. We're going down to see a couple of Olympic Events (Sailing and Volleyball), soak up the atmosphere and explore Devon and Cornwall. I'm not allowed to know exact details as Alex has planned it all and wants it to be a surprise, so I can't really tell you more than that! All I know is that it's going to involve lots of travelling and is going to be like one big road trip!

This is an outfit that I have put together which I would love to wear to the Sailing event. It's going to be in a large enclosed grassy area for want of a better description so I'm going to have to get practical as well as stylish. I should point out at this point that I have never owned a backpack. They aren't my thing, but we're travelling around such a lot and they have pretty strict regulations for the Olympics that I have caved, and found the least offensive one possible! It had to be under a certain size but be suitable that I could carry everything that we need, so tickets, money, cameras, phones, a blanket to sit on (just for the sailing event) and then my essential bits of makeup and a hairbrush. I'm pretty happy with what I found :D


So! On to the actual outfit!


Nail Varnish
I'm going to do a little post on the extras that I would finish this look off with but I thought I'd pop the nail varnish in there since it looked so pretty with the colours :D. It's Mavala Party Time and Marine Blue. I thought I'd wear them together with one accent nail - I'm not sure which way around yet though! You can get them online from The Beauty Bay at £3.50 each.

These particular shorts are from H&M and are £14.99. I'm finding it really difficult to find shorts that aren't basically denim knickers. In my opinion, nobody wants to see that much leg of anyones unless you're a size 8 or have no cellulite whatsoever. I like my shorts to hit about 4-5 inches down my leg, just above the mid point between my knees and the top of my legs. I also like them to be a little loose around the legs as personally I'm not a fan of super tight shorts, I prefer them to be really comfy soft washed denim. The hunt continues!

A basic white camisole; I live in these, I put them under anything and everything. They're great for layering, keep you comfy when itchy knitwear rears its head and are just all round practical. I buy mine from Primark for £2 each.

Black Gloss Hunter Wellies - The most classic wellies you can buy, they're comfy and look fabulous. I have a post on these coming up soon!

Over the Knee Socks. I like mine to be in a cream/off white colour as I find them the most stylish and flattering, but colours can be fun too :) These are from Next and are around £5.

Union Jack Jumper, come on, I had to get patriotic right? I got this from Primark a couple of days ago on a whim and am really pleased with it. It's not something I'll wear forever so I didn't want to spend a lot but £12 seemed alright to me :) It's really soft and has tiny flecks of glitter in the white, nothing obvious just so that it would catch the light every so often. I bought it in a size bigger, so a 12, so that it would be a little bit slouchy - love it!

Shugon Milan Backpack in Natural. These retail at around £10 online depending on where you shop from. I liked that it was simple and plain, I might sew on a few badges that I have to make it my own :) It's machine washable so even if it gets dirty it can be cleaned and for that price I was happy enough. I was adamant that I didn't want a hideous black thing on my back with NIKE or ADIDAS emblazoned across it *shudder*.

I'm on the hunt for my last few essentials to take away with me! Are you going to the Olympics? What are you going to see?



  1. I am in love with the jumper and the socks! :D you'll look fab!xx

  2. That's so sweet that she wants it to be a surprise and I love your outfit!

    1. It's driving me a bit mental, I really want to know what we're doing haha! x