Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Holiday Shoe Dilemma - general ridiculousness!

I know I'm not alone out there with this, we're all (well, most of us) guilty of packing a silly amount of shoes for a holiday, just in case!

The problem that I'm facing though, is that I have to take so many pairs shoes! I don't know how I'm going to fit everything in!
My current total is up at a whopping 7 pairs for a 10 day stay!

Want to see how I got to that?

  1. Hunters - for unreliable British Weather and for Devon/Cornwall.
  2. Trainers - for running and general exercise.
  3. High Heels - for night time, we're off to the Candy Bar apparently!
  4. Medium Heels - for meals out, when I need to dress smartly but also need to walk a lot.
  5. Pumps - for comfortable walking all day around London/Cornwall
  6. Sandals - We're supposed to be having a heatwave, so I'll need something light to walk in.
  7. Flats - For casual nights when heels are too much but pumps are too casual.

Okay so I'll be wearing one pair to go in, so that means packing 6 pairs. The problem is, wellies, trainers and 2 pairs of heels are going to take up a lot of room! I'm going to have to squish the others in around them!

I'm getting frustrated just thinking about it haha. Are you a serial shoe overpacker, or are you one of those amazing women who can make it a month on 2 pairs of shoes?


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  1. Had to comment because this is me all over! Going to center parcs for 5 days and am trying to take 6 pairs of shoes! You never know is my excuse xxx

    1. True! I'm taking wellies and sandals!! It's the British weather, who knows what it's going to be doing?! x

  2. I am just a serial over packer in general!!! xxxx

    1. Well I do recall the time you arrived to stay at my house for a fortnight looking like you had come for the year ha xxx

  3. Haha amazing! Well.. you can never be TOO sure.. better pack them just in case!

  4. I pack almost all my shoes and only wear a couple of them, I like to be over prepared.


    1. I've now bought more that I want to take! At this rate there'll be no room for clothes! x