Saturday, 3 March 2012

The end of winter and the start of new things?

Today Alex and I went to check out the new bunny that we are thinking of adopting, but it's not concrete yet so more of that when our new addition comes to live with us! Alex wants to call him Monty which I do really like, but the bunny we like has one ear up and one ear down, like he's a little boy playing at being an aeroplane... so my logical answer to what he should be called is Aero, and he's the colour of an Aero too! So excited to bring him home!

The weather in Leeds has been lovely for the past few days, sunny one minute and showers the next, it's a sign that it's finally spring, and what better way to celebrate than with a little bit of shopping?

I picked up the scarf and the top from Primark for £4 each, the necklace and the earrings were £2 each.
The nails and the MUA Heaven and Earth Pallet were standard purchases from Superdrug, I think they were £6 and £3 (on offer).
Then my most exciting purchases were from Topshop and were the feathered cuff earring, and the Lipstick in Crystal from the Sisters of The New Moon collection!

Now I'm off to order takeaway and have a movie night on the sofa with Alex, I hope you've had a lovely day!


(I'm sorry about the bad picture quality but I have a problem with my eye that distorts things, so I can't see when I take the picture whether it's okay or not. Ill get the feel of it soon though I hope so the photos will get better!)

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