Thursday, 29 March 2012

An Urban Decay dupe

I was at the Urban Decay counter today and picked up something new and exciting which I'll probably show you in a couple of days once I've had a good road test of it. But while I was there I was also sorely tempted by the Super Saturated lipgloss in the shade Big Bang, which is described as 'a bright fuchsia with sparkle finish'. I walked away though as I couldn't help but think of how many lipsticks I have and at £14.50 I thought it seemed a bit excessive. Having said that, I decided to have a look in Boots for a good dupe and came across the Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon in number 4.

This was far more reasonably priced for £4.99 so quite a saving :D

It has slightly more shimmer in direct light that the picture above.
I found this swatch via Google Images and it can be found here.

As you can see they're quite similar although the Urban Decay version has slightly more glitter and is a little more glossy on the lip.
The Barry M version has brilliant pigmentation and isn't overly sticky on the lips. It has quite good longevity and is well worth it's little price tag.

On a side note, I had a good swatch of the Revlon Lip Butters today, and I have to say I really wasn't that excited. There were a couple of colours that I liked, but not an excessive amount. I think I'll be saving my pennies for something else.



  1. Looks a fab colour! I've never tried these before :) xxx

    1. Neither had I, I was looking for a lipstick as a dupe but when I spotted this is even looked identical. I might pop back and see what others take my fancy x

  2. I have this too, love it! Great review x

  3. Gorgeous colour! great post :) x

    1. Thanks, I really like the colour too! <3 x