Friday, 30 March 2012

Hakuna Matata

I love the Lion King, it's one of my favourites. Aladdin has to be my all time favourite though (and is fantastic for a drinking game on a night in with the girls :p).

Hakuna Matata though - no worries. I try to live by that, but this morning I did have a worry. This blasted petrol crisis.
I brought my car up to Leeds for a few weeks as driving is so much cheaper than the train (even during this petrol crisis - crazy!). I hadn't given much thought to it really as the petrol stations in Leeds weren't showing any signs of crisis, no queuing and petrol that was £1.38 (expensive, but not as expensive as it could be). But then my mum called this morning and told me to go and fill up because all the petrol stations near their house were out and it sent me into a bit of a panic. 'What if all the petrol stations here had ran out, and I'd be stranded here and miss my mum's birthday!' So I hopped into the car and drove to the nearest petrol station. £1.42 per litre later and I have a full tank. Panic over. My car will be back with my parents after this weekend and I won't be driving it again for a while so at least it shouldn't effect me too badly.
My mother on the other hand is on a train into Manchester city centre to meet her friend for lunch as we speak. This shouldn't seem like a big deal, but I should point out that it is possibly the third time in her entire life she has been on a train. Unfortunately my mum didn't think that the petrol stations near us would run out so quickly either, and so carried on driving around in her petrol guzzling Audi TT sport like normal and has now ran out of petrol. Apparently she's going to be using my car for the next week which I'm not too keen on since she likes to drive at 50mph in third gear. My car literally screams for me to get back behind the wheel. Poor thing.

Has this petrol crisis been an inconvenience to any of you? Wasn't that Jerry Can idea ridiculous, half the houses in the UK would end up being blown to Calcutta with all that petrol lurking around! I really hope they get this sorted soon - now I see the benefits of an electric car!



  1. I hate this stupid crisis too haha, my car has hardly any left but I don't want to queue :(

    I'm so the same about letting my parents drive my car haha, they need to understand that they need a little love haha.

    Hope your mom has a lovely b'day :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I think I got lucky at my petrol station, apparently it was queuing for miles this morning but I went at a quiet time.
    I know! I don't understand what it is with parents, I think they forget how to drive smaller cars as they get older lol.
    Thanks for your lovely comment :) x

  3. I definitely want to get an electric car or a hybrid - seems so guzzling and silly to have a petrol one, especially with all the fuss at the moment!

    1. The only problem is, it would mean the end of classics. And as a petrol head, to me that's just awful. X